Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods [Spoilers]


It’s been ages since I allowed myself to delve into the delightful (and often frustrating) realm of Dragon Ball Z. Although I have a lot of fond memories of watching Dragon Ball Z in Junior High and High School, I also remember finding the number of episodes it actually took the plot to progress terribly irksome, since I often had to sneak watching the show. (My mom was convinced it was entirely too violent and unwholesome.) Her opinion didn’t deter me from trying to keep up with the episodes that aired in the afternoons after school on Cartoon Network’s newly launched Toonami block, or from clocking countless hours sketching Goku, Freiza, Piccolo, Gohan and Trunks.

Due to a crazy, hectic schedule and the film’s limited availability, I wasn’t able to catch DBZ:Evolution in theatres, so when NerdExp told me FUNimation was spearheading a limited release for DBZ: Battle of Gods, I knew I had to make seeing it a priority. After watching some of the online chatter yesterday about shows selling out, I made sure we got to the theatre in plenty of time to secure good seats, and people-watched as we waited somewhat impatiently for the movie to begin. The movie did not disappoint, so if you’re at all interested in checking it out, get to it – Battle of Gods ASAP. It leaves theatres August 9th.


10 Reasons I Loved DBZ: Battle of Gods 

        1. The whole gang’s back together again. (This movie was obviously made keeping DBZ’s Super Saiyan fans in mind.)
        2. The baddie, Beerus the Destroyer, is a CAT (which is awesome), he’s nonchalant about his frightening ability to destroy worlds, and his ki is purple (my favorite color). It’s almost like he was created just for me.
        3. The power-ups are fan-freaking-tastic. Beerus is a total bad ass, and Goku’s Super Saiyan God transformation looks sweet!
        4. Dragon Balls are used to call Shenron, who delivers what I’m fairly certain is his longest monologue to date, gives our favorite team of swashbuckling Saiyans the recipe they need to save the day and amscrays back to his lair (presumably at the center of the Earth).
        5.  Goku’s Kamehameha makes not just one appearance, but two! We heard some cheering from the audience each time his signature move was used.
        6. Trunks gets himself a girlfriend…(kind of) and his dialogue around this budding romance is hilarious. (Bulma couldn’t be prouder.)
        7. The movie is self-aware and not afraid to poke fun of itself or its fans – all in good humor and fun.
        8. For all those folks who wrote fanfiction about Gohan and Videl – you got what you wanted (again)…and this time the bun in Videl’s oven plays a crucial part in winning the day.
        9. The animation went power level over 9,000 – especially for the fight sequences, a dramatic improvement from those episodes I watched in the 90s.
        10. For once, despite all his best efforts, lucky breaks and determination, Goku doesn’t beat his opponent baddie. And that’s ok.



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